Measure 1 and In Vitro Fertilization

As North Dakotans prepare to go to the polls on November 4, one of the biggest decisions with which to wrestle is Measure 1, otherwise known as the Human Life Amendment; an initiative designed to affirm the protection of life at all stages of development. Within the broader discussion of Measure 1’s merits is concern READ MORE

A Kindergarten Class Each Week

The fact is I have been holding back. Biting my tongue. Restraining myself, not wanting to appear to politicize something as horrific as the Newtown Massacre. After all, it is absolutely awful; words are simply not adequate to describe the pain within my heart regarding what took place on December 14, 2012, in Connecticut. And I READ MORE

Heads Down, Shoulders Slumped

Prompted by Bethel Church’s sermon series entitled, “Manhood: A Bold Call For Men of Nobility,” my friend Kay Kiefer, an amazing woman who serves on the front lines of helping people make life-affirming choices, sent me this note. Pastor Matthew . . . . thank you for this sermon series. One of the most stark READ MORE

Of Course We Are Meaner

Dr. Dale Archer posits an important question in a recent opinion piece on the Fox News website: Is America Getting Meaner? He proceeds to answer the question, citing important statistics that validate the notion that we are. Moreover, there are the anecdotal pieces that suggest we are getting meaner—stories from within the public square that highlight this READ MORE

Red River Women’s Clinic

Today is Wednesday, which means that an average of twenty-five boys and girls will die today at the Red River Women’s Clinic located at 512 First Avenue North in Fargo, North Dakota. That is, of course, an entire kindergarten class of students every Wednesday. Oddly, if twenty-five boys and girls showed up for kindergarten class, READ MORE