A Kindergarten Class Each Week


Grief. Morguefile. Used with Permission.The fact is I have been holding back. Biting my tongue. Restraining myself, not wanting to appear to politicize something as horrific as the Newtown Massacre. After all, it is absolutely awful; words are simply not adequate to describe the pain within my heart regarding what took place on December 14, 2012, in Connecticut. And I am saying that as one random dad living across the country in the frozen tundra of Fargo, North Dakota. Obviously I am not alone. Millions of Americans remain stunned. In some way or another it has stayed in our headlines, particularly as we now talk about gun-control or mental health.

America is stunned by the twenty boys and girls and six adults that were murdered.

And then I drive by the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo. It is plain enough, situated quietly next to a restaurant and just down from Fargo’s world-famous Hotel Donaldson. Many will pass by it every single day and not even recognize its existence, and yet within its walls there is a weekly Newtown Massacre. Every Wednesday at the Red River Women’s Clinic an average of twenty-five boys and girls are killed by means of abortion.

That is one kindergarten class every single week.

In February 2011 I wrote a post regarding how our society is getting meaner. Here is an excerpt: How can we possibly be surprised that we are a meaner society when we have ratified the extermination of over 53,000,000 children just since 1973? That is nearly nine times the number of Jews murdered during the Nazi holocaust! Indeed, right here in Fargo, North Dakota, every Wednesday at the Red River Women’s Clinic, an average of twenty-five boys and girls are taken from their mothers’ wombs. That is an entire kindergarten class every single week!

When I penned that two years ago I offered that what happens at the Red River Women’s Clinic was akin to the extermination of a kindergarten class every week. In fact, a number of us in the Red River Valley who regularly pray for the Red River Women’s Clinic to close consider this a rather tangible detail. It is often found in our conversations about that awful place—the implication being that none of us would tolerate for one minute the brutal killing of kindergarteners. .

And then the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut took place, and suddenly the word picture regarding the weekly nightmare at the Red River Women’s Clinic is even more searing. Pictures of boys and girls have been splashed for weeks across our television screens. They are on the front pages of our national magazines. They are scattered all over Facebook.

We see them and we really hurt. And we should. It is indeed a nightmare.

But what about the twenty-five kids at the Red River Women’s Clinic each week? What of their pictures? Their voices? Their stories? Can we not be as aggressive with ridding our nation of legalized abortion as we are now trying to rid it of certain weapons?

Frankly, the silence is deafening. And so is the incredible hypocrisy.



  1. Matthew says:

    Janet . . . . I cannot even imagine. Words are not adequate. I will gladly pray for her, that our King will tenderize her heart and that the blinders will fall off. Also, for you, that our Lord will show you in special ways that you are a treasured and beloved daughter of the Most High King, in whom your hope does indeed rest.


  2. Janet Fleming says:

    Pastor Matthew –

    I received such heart-breaking news a few weeks ago – my daughter has decided to volunteer at this horrible clinic, to help girls get through the “radical Christians”. My heart was ripped out of my chest. It is bad enough that she has turned her back on God, despite seeming like a strong Christian young woman until 2-3 years ago. Pray for the misguided people who think they are “helping” when they are actually helping people die.

    Great analogy in your blog,
    In Him in whom my hope rests,

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