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Today is Wednesday, which means that an average of twenty-five boys and girls will die today at the Red River Women’s Clinic located at 512 First Avenue North in Fargo, North Dakota. That is, of course, an entire kindergarten class of students every Wednesday. Oddly, if twenty-five boys and girls showed up for kindergarten class, but somehow died as a group during the day, it would be national news and everyone would be beside themselves with shock and grief. But when they show up at the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota, their demise is perfectly acceptable.

The purple quotes stylized in italics on the Red River Women’s Clinic website staff page [click here to see these] imply that the environment and experience is warm and friendly. What it does not mention, however, is the overwhelming sense of loss, guilt, fear, and shame that suddenly engulfs the mommy as she experiences the death of the child in her womb. I suppose that wouldn’t be a pleasant selling point for the Red River Women’s Clinic. However, as a pastor I’ve talked to too many women in our community who have been gripped with that shock of fear and shame at that moment on the table, and, sadly, when it is too late, it is then that the nightmare intensifies.

I have stopped by there to pray. Last night, for example, I sat in my truck right by the front door quietly praying and crying. Today as I stood on the 16th floor of the Radisson preparing to enter the banquet room where my Rotary Club meets, I stared down from a window and prayed. The clinic is situated just below; very obvious. I wonder if the people eating lunch with me have any idea a kindergarten class will disappear today just below them on the street level.

Can I invite you to pray that this clinic would shut down? I’m praying that it goes away safely and peacefully, and in such a way that the employees portrayed in the photograph on the Red River Women’s Clinic website staff page will recognize that there is a much better living to be had than contributing to the culture of death, and that is extending precious life.

If you are reading this and would like to have an alternative option to the Red River Women’s Clinic, then please consider First Choice Clinic in Fargo. Click here for more information about this life-affirming opportunity.


  1. Scott Severson says:

    Father in Heaven, we thank You for the gift of life. Grant that all mothers who give birth will welcome their babies with love, but if the mothers feel they are unable to raise their babies, grant that they may be compassionate toward the life You have given and not destroy it before birth. To those children who have been wantonly deprived of earthly life grant whatever happiness to which they are entitled. And to the mothers who have denied them life in this world grant Your merciful grace and forgiveness Our Savior, so that they may obtain eternal life. Grant also the grace of conversion to those who perform abortions and anyone associated with abortion.

  2. Pro woman says:

    If you don’t like abortions , then don’t you have one. Neither you nor God has the right to tell any woman what to do with her own body. You’re ignorant if you think everyone who gets pregnant should be forced to birth a child, what about the life of the mother? Is it fair to her to give up her life goals and ambitions for the sake of your moral stand on abortions? And is it fair for a child to be brought into an environment that’s unfit if the mother isn’t established enough for whatever reason to support a family ? No, it’s not. How about you focus your energy on doing your part to better the world instead of trying in vain to force people to do what you happen to think is right. Then you might actually get somewhere.

  3. Scott Severson says:

    Oh God, who is the Beginning and the End, hear our prayers as we cry out to you to end the merciless shedding of innocent blood in our nation and throughout the world. Through death you have conquered death and through your life we experience eternal and everlasting life. Cause life to spring forth in the hearts of all people and bring forth a love and respect for life that will dominate our culture. May your kingdom and church apprehend and overtake the culture of death that has prevailed through deceit and selfishness; may the Seed of the woman crush the head of the serpent through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  4. Stuart Uggen says:

    Please add to prayer points:
    Father, we know our state will not be abortion free after closing all abortion clinics. Please show us how YOU want us to respond to this kind of murder. Please give us the courage to boldly address the issues of sexual immorality among the unmarried and pregnancy inconvenience among the married. Please show us how to pursue your will in these matters without anger (another form of murder). Please counsel us so we will not be deceived into thinking that the abortion clinics (or home abortion activities) are our only battlefront. Please encourage us in pursuit of your perfect will and correct us when we seek to operate by our own power. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  5. Larry says:

    Father, I too agree with my brother in that you would show your mercy and shut down this organization that is in clear violation of your Word. That your Holy Spirit would move upon the hearts of all those involved with organization so that their eyes and their spirits would be opened to receive your truth, that they would recognize that what they are involved with is not of your will. That they would come to a saving knowledge of your love for them.

    I also pray for all of those who are currently standing up against this evil practice in a peaceful demonstration, that you would protect them, that your truth would go forth to those who would listen, that you would hear the prayers of your children, and would indeed shut down this location so that this wonderful state of ours would be one of the first that would be abortion free.

    There is nothing that is impossible with you. We humbly and boldly come before you with this request in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

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