Heads Down, Shoulders Slumped


Prompted by Bethel Church’s sermon series entitled, “Manhood: A Bold Call For Men of Nobility,” my friend Kay Kiefer, an amazing woman who serves on the front lines of helping people make life-affirming choices, sent me this note.

Pastor Matthew . . . . thank you for this sermon series. One of the most stark illustrations of men abdicating their God-given purpose as protectors and providers for those in their sphere of influence is to stand outside the [Fargo] abortion clinic and watch men walk in behind their girlfriends or wives and put money down on the counter without saying a word, without taking responsibility, without advocating for that newly created life. Watch their posture as they do this—they walk in with heads down and shoulders slumped, as far away as possible from being the warriors and protectors that God intended for them to be. It breaks my heart.

Mine too. I cannot help but revisit the observation made by Isaiah in Isaiah 32:7 regarding the foolish man who “schemes to ruin to poor with lying words, even when the plea of the needy is right.”

God help us.

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