Continuing “Jesus, God’s Beloved Son”


Church on the Edge. (c) Copyright 2012 by Bethel Church. Used with Permission.Here at Bethel Church we are in the midst of an in-depth study through the Gospel of Mark entitled Church on the Edge: The Book of Mark. Because of the in-depth nature and length of our time in Mark, it has been broken into a handful of smaller segments or sub-series. The first segment or sub-series, simply entitled “Church on the Edge,” was presented through the early fall of 2012 and focused on a handful of key themes that shape the overall content and scope of the Gospel of Mark. The next segment or sub-series will be entitled “Pierce the Darkness,” focusing attention on Mark 4:1-7:23, and will unfold later this year.

Currently, however, we are in the second sub-series or segment, a portion of the Gospel of Mark that I am referring to as “Jesus, God’s Beloved Son.” This focuses on Mark 1:1 through the end of chapter three. Our purpose is to get a front row seat to the life of Jesus, discovering and exploring things about his life that even us seasoned followers of Christ might not have seen before. These are really rich passages, and exploring what the Word of God has to say is helping us all get to know him—and ourselves—better.

So . . . join us this coming Sunday as we return to our study in the first three chapters of the Gospel of Mark. Click here to catch up on the sermons through the Gospel of Mark (click on the Church on the Edge links), or to watch live on Sunday mornings (click on the Bethel Live link).

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