If Jesus Did Not Rise . . .

John 20:11-18 tells Mary Magdalene who, upon discovering the empty tomb, is clearly panicked by the idea the Lord has been “taken away” (John 20:13). First she dealsl with Jesus’ death, and now the possibility someone has stolen his body, perhaps as some cheap stunt. Whatever hope she had placed in Jesus seems to be READ MORE

The Narrow Path: A Palm Sunday Poem

I have wandered while on the narrow path Toward the Eastern Gate The trail donkey and Master took To a crucified man’s fate I imagined the waving fronds “Hosanna” wafting all around The trail donkey and Master took Through spontaneous pomp and sound I have wondered while on that narrow path Toward the Eastern Gate READ MORE

Select Reflections on Preaching

Preaching is among the sublimest gifts of life, for in it the written Word of God comes alive for the hearer, and the Spirit of God uses such a hearing to direct the soul of a man or woman right to the very foot of the Throne. Preaching can never be taken lightly within the READ MORE

A Call to Slavery

The message was reinforced in ways from which Mark would never recover. Chronologically, it would begin in Mark’s family home. One by one the disciples gathered and Jesus, the esteemed teacher, got on his knees and washed their feet. The disciples had never seen such a thing before, and neither had Mark, watching from the READ MORE

Turning Pain into a Parable

I have been giving some thought to the ways that God reveals himself in our lives and remembered this blog post from a couple of years back. As I reread it I decided it might be worth re-posting. Let me know if it resonates with you: Yesterday was one of those days marked by pain. READ MORE

Skipping Along

Tucked away in the plush forest around Big Sky, Montana, is an amazing feature of nature called Ousel Falls. Cascading about 100 feet downward into a basin of gorgeous rock, rock made smooth by the wet hands of time, it is a place that at once captivates and refreshes. It’s also a great place for skipping READ MORE