Are the Puzzle Pieces Continuing to Fall in Place?

CNN has just posted a breaking news story about the Turkish government now confronting anti-government protestors with tear-gas and water cannons. While these protestors are supposedly frustrated by the islamification of what they would like to see remain a generally secular society, rumor has it that the real force behind the protestors are the Iranians, READ MORE

Reflections on Mark 13 (Reprised)

With this coming weekend’s messages coming from Mark 13, I thought I’d reprise a post from late last year on that passage: When reviewing the thirteenth chapter of Mark’s gospel two important issues are observed. First, there is a question about the timing of things to come. Secondly, there is a question about the signs READ MORE

A Glimpse Forward

Within the next couple of weeks we at Bethel Church will be completing the Gospel of John. By the time it is said and done we will have moved through fifty-one sermons in the Gospel of John. No doubt that is a lot; some would say too much. I remember some years ago sitting with READ MORE

Right at the Door

You will notice that it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything. The fact is I have been chewing on a handful of items about which to write; struggling with knowing which of several important things is most critical to me. But, as happens, the one that some days ago first READ MORE