A Call to Suffer and Die

It was a restless hamlet in South Sudan along the Ethiopian border. A few short years ago I was there leading a pastors’ conference with the elders and pastors from various tribal groups from the region. When I asked them the best way I could help them their forceful plea was for me to tell READ MORE

Selected Books on Leadership (May 2012)

A good friend of mine reached out to me earlier this week asking what resources I have been reading lately on leadership. I get questions like this a lot, and not just about leadership, but issues relating to culture, the spiritual life, theology and so forth. I also get lots of questions about news sources READ MORE

What My Eyes Long For: A Reprise

For the past few months I have deeply embedded myself within the pages of Psalm 119. I love what I’m reading. For too many years I have zipped through it, typically striving to get the Bible read in a year, thereby really flying over some pieces so quickly that I never truly survey what is READ MORE

Five Signs Regarding Church Health

Bethel Church just held its annual meeting yesterday evening, and it was a great time, though just a hair longer than normal. Really. It was an excellent evening. The Bethel Church family is united and eager to step still further into the purposes that our Father has for us as followers of Jesus Christ. Frankly, READ MORE

Reflections on a Leadership Board

One of the great joys of being part of the leadership team at Bethel Church in Fargo, North Dakota, is its willingness to constantly self-evaluate and transform itself for more effective service of the Master. All of this starts with the elder board, which, I might add, is by far the most balanced and unified READ MORE