An Evening with Dear Friends


Just a few moments ago some of our good friends from Bethel Church left our home and went their ways into the evening. The men and women who were on the search committee that brought us here, and the elders and their wives who so faithfully give spiritual oversight to the Bethel flock, and who are such dear brothers with whom to spend time, joined us this evening to celebrate God’s provision of our new home, as well as the sale of our house in Dallas. It was a time of laughter, celebration, joy and prayer.

My friend Jeff Conant, who chaired the committee responsible from bringing us from Dallas to Fargo, facilitated a precious time of prayer for everyone who came. Many joined in, beseeching God’s blessings for our family, our home, and His church. We expressed gratitude for God’s grace and mercy and tender provisions throughout what has been a significant year in our lives. We petitioned God for His protective care over our home, and, most of all, my family. We gave thanks to God for Bethel Church, and petitioned Him to continue to bless it. And the fact is, we could never thank Him enough, nor could we ever cease in our anticipation of a future with Him. God is so very, very, very good.


  1. Susan St John says:

    Your mother is doing her best to navigate your beautiful new web site. I’ll eventually get there. Don’t do change well. I do appreciate your many Bethel friends who participated in taking you to Bethel and have been so helpful to you this past year. Bethel is “The Church” in action. Every day, I pray for Bethel’s leaders that they may live seperated lives and focus on the Holy Spirit’s leading. May God’s richest blessings be poured out on all of you.

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