Five Signs Regarding Church Health


Bethel Church just held its annual meeting yesterday evening, and it was a great time, though just a hair longer than normal. Really. It was an excellent evening. The Bethel Church family is united and eager to step still further into the purposes that our Father has for us as followers of Jesus Christ. Frankly, being here is a lot of fun; it is fulfilling and exciting. The leadership culture is healthy (we do have the best board of elders anywhere!). The ministry team is together. The congregation is sobered by its unusual role in its region and beyond. There is no place I would rather be in the whole world than right here at Bethel Church. We are by no means a perfect church. We are just broken people, redeemed and on point to help others embrace that redemption.

Stumbling this morning upon an article by Marielle Thomas brought a smile of gratitude to my face. It served not only as a provocative pause for thoughtful introspection, but also a catalyst for joy. Perhaps you will find it insightful as well. Not only does it motivate us to raise our bar, but to take nothing for granted. Consider the main points, highlighted below, and then read the link for more depth.

Five Signs You Are Part of An Unhealthy Church

1. Leadership Does Not Have a Clear Vision.

2. Leadership Can Never Be Challenged.

3. You Are Comfortable but Never Convicted.

4. Congregants Are Content Being Pew Warmers.

5. Outreach is Never Planned or Preached.

The link is here. Read more. Pray. Then process. And pray some more.



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