If Jesus Did Not Rise . . .

The Gospel of John tells of Mary Magdalene who, upon discovering the empty tomb, is panicked by the idea the Lord has been “taken away” (John 20:13). First she deals with Jesus’ death, and now the possibility someone has stolen his body, perhaps as some cheap stunt. Whatever hope she had placed in Jesus seems READ MORE

No Other Gospel

About ten years following Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension, a man named Paul made his way into the mighty mountains of present-day Turkey, arriving in an important city known as Pisidian Antioch in the Roman province called Galatia. By the time Paul got there he was very sick (see Galatians 4:13), his bodily ailment unknown READ MORE

John Piper on Prosperity Preaching

As I prepare for this week’s introductory sermon to our brief series entitled “Lies the Church Believes,” this posting by John Piper (entitled “Prosperity Preaching: Deceitful and Deadly,” February 14, 2007) caught my attention and, of course, is worth highlighting. Read it carefully, and, if possible, pray for me as I attend to the first of READ MORE