Are the Puzzle Pieces Continuing to Fall in Place?

CNN has just posted a breaking news story about the Turkish government now confronting anti-government protestors with tear-gas and water cannons. While these protestors are supposedly frustrated by the islamification of what they would like to see remain a generally secular society, rumor has it that the real force behind the protestors are the Iranians, READ MORE

Assad, Obama, and the Culture of Death

Two headlines really struck me as sick and sad. They speak to a fascination with death and power and narcissism. They speak to the demise of the weak at the hand of the strong. They reflect a justification for self-preservation over and above things more transcendent. Even though the two headlines address two completely different READ MORE

Heartbreaking . . . But Necessary to Hear

On my wrist I wear a simple bracelet that looks like barbed wire. It is to remind me to pray daily for the persecuted Christ-followers that are scattered all over the world. If you are a believer in Jesus I urge you to take on this challenge. We cannot take them for granted; especially we READ MORE