Heartbreaking . . . But Necessary to Hear

Gyeongbok Palace, North Korea

On my wrist I wear a simple bracelet that looks like barbed wire. It is to remind me to pray daily for the persecuted Christ-followers that are scattered all over the world. If you are a believer in Jesus I urge you to take on this challenge. We cannot take them for granted; especially we who have so much security. They are the heroes who will be closest to the Throne. We must honor them, remember them, and pray for them.

The story below, from CNN, has absolutely torn me up. I am not surprised. I have heard these stories from North Korea many times over. There is something so real and personal about this particular family that just grabs the heart in a powerful way. Indeed, the ladies in the story below put faces to the awful tragedy which is the brutal North Korean regime. Let me urge you to read, and then, pray, for there are hordes of men and women, young and old, suffering in ways we in America cannot comprehend. Many of them are brutalized and tortured because of their testimony for Jesus Christ. And many are tortured simply because their hunger has led them to desperate measures.


Washington, D.C. (CNN) — During a sleepless night, Song Ee Han agonized over a decision: Was she willing to leave her youngest child behind while she and her daughters escaped North Korea?

The next morning, Han knelt beside her only surviving son, 5-year-old BoKum, searching for the right words. The boy looked half his age, his distended belly protruding awkwardly from his tiny frame. He was weakened and fatigued from their journey. They had stopped at a friend’s house less than halfway to the border, and Han and her daughters were too small or weak to carry him.

“Why are you taking my sisters, but not me?” he wailed.

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