Uffdah . . . It’s a Blizzard!


My first real blizzard . . . and . . . a Texas boy having to make the call on whether to cancel church in Fargo. Something just isn’t right about that.

But . . . after hearing the good but mixed counsel of some faithful friends the decision was made: Stay Home! Whew! Thankfully, even as I’m typing this some of our toughest folk are calling or emailing or texting me and saying, “Good move.”

One thing I’ve noted, however, which must surely speak to the secure spirits of the frozen north, is that the local news doesn’t come on here until 6 AM or later. In Dallas the weather crews would have been running live reports all night long. So . . . making a decision without a lot of “official” information is a bit scary.

Until I asked myself why in the world I would insist on folk coming in for something, even if it were quite scaled back. And then it dawned on me that it would be for nothing other than sheer pride, which, of course, is the wrong reason to have folk risk their lives in a blizzard.

Of course, all of my Texas friends will be reading this and thinking, “It’s a no-brainer to have cancelled.” But keep in mind that in Dallas if on Monday they forecast that it might flurry on Wednedsay all of the local schools will decide Tuesday to cancel everything, only for Wednesday to be beautiful, sunny and 40 degrees (it’s happened too often!).

But here . . . well . . . we North Dakotans (I am one now!) are tough. So . . . we wait to the bitter end to see what could be.

Then, hopefully, tough will be complemented by smart.


  1. David Sedlacek says:

    I’m reading the Summer 2008 issue of Dallas Connection and I see my old Aquacare friend’s picture and a blurb from his blog. He has a DMin by his name (congratulations!). And he has a really cool looking blog. And he is in North Dakota. That is great! I’m glad I finally made time to read my summer 2008 issue today.

  2. Aaron West says:

    In the 4 years that we were up there, we never had to resort to canceling a Sunday morning. I must admit, it must have been a tough storm. Glad to know that you made the right call. Also glad that I didn’t have to endure shoveling my driveway in this. Whew!

  3. LauraLee Shaw says:

    Oh boy, you’re not kidding! No brainer from this Texan. brrrr. But how cool to picture everyone all cuddled up by the fire. Enjoy your family time and remember old friends, okay? 😉

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