Take Note of the Little Things, Again


Endless are the times when the cares of the heart are many. That is why one helpful encouragement, found in Psalm 94:19, is so worthy of your attention. Read it carefully:

When the cares of my heart are many,
Your consolations cheer my soul.

Webster tells us that “consolation” has to do with comfort in the midst of grief or loss. And grief can cover a wide variety of things: a job lost to an economic downturn; a nephew killed in the Middle East; a husband who has decided marriage isn’t worth his time anymore; a child who has passed into the Lord’s presence. The list of options can be never-ending. But the psalmist tells us that God’s consolations cheer the soul. So ask yourself this question: When the cares of life are many, with what might God console?

Taking note of the little things can be a helpful starting place. Certainly the Almighty can console the weary spirit with even small things. Think for a moment about that simple meal for harried Elijah (1 Kings 19) or a cloak for the imprisoned Paul (2 Timothy 4). What simple things does God use to give you solace in your hour of need? Perhaps some instructive suggestions would prove beneficial.

Linger for a moment over the encouraging text you got from your friend. Gaze in quiet wonder at your son or daughter who are no longer so young—watch him or her worship, visit, study, or play. Drink a cup of coffee in the silence of your kitchen, and give thought to how faithful God has been to you—providing you a safe and comfortable home, however modest you think it might be.

Go to a baseball game with your best friend and talk about everything—or even nothing—for a while. Hold the hand of your spouse as your walk around your block. Sit on your sofa and look through your photo albums.

Eat a delicious meal—even splurge a bit to do so.

King David once penned, “the earth is the LORD’S and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24:1). Indeed, it is so. And this Sovereign God is pleased to use every wonderful facet of His great creation to provide you comfort in your time of need. The required thing for you and me is that we pay attention to the marvelous expressions of grace and mercy and hope and love and joy that abound all around us.

Are you taking note?



[This is an updated version of a post first published here in September 2008]

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