Unless the Lord Builds the House

The fact that Psalm 127 was written by Solomon ought to give every struggling man or woman some semblance of hope. After all, Solomon, despite his wisdom, was a profoundly broken and messy man, whose family dynamics and private world were an utter wreck. For him, with all of that as his backdrop, to come READ MORE

How the Mighty Fall

With apologies to Jim Collins, who I think is one of the world’s greatest leadership thinkers, and who has written a terrific book about the failures of great companies, entitled How the Mighty Fall, I cannot help but wonder why it is that the mightiest and greatest kings of Judah fell . . . and READ MORE

We Must Speak or We Will Die!

Like a sputtering engine begging to get into high gear is the man or woman who must respond to another before giving that person a full hearing. In Proverbs 18:13, Solomon offers a rather straightforward word about this kind of person. It states, If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly READ MORE