Pastoral Scarcity: A Poem

Pastoral Scarcity: A Poem (c) Copyright 2016, by Matthew R. St. John For all the pastors everywhere For whom material sustenance is truly scarce I pray for you to be strong this day And rest well in God’s sustaining grace

Of Whom the World is Not Worthy: A Poem

O God of Heaven I thank you That in my place of comfort and security I lead, in the Spirit for sure, But with my belly full An arsenal of tools And degrees on my wall But God of Heaven I know Who the real heroes are Women and men stepping out with pangs of hunger To do your bidding […]

The Narrow Path: A Palm Sunday Poem

I have wandered while on the narrow path Toward the Eastern Gate The trail donkey and Master took To a crucified man’s fate I imagined the waving fronds “Hosanna” wafting all around The trail donkey and Master took Through spontaneous pomp and sound I have wondered while on that narrow path Toward the Eastern Gate The trail donkey and Master […]

He Arrived: A Christmas Poem

He arrived. In the midst of darkness and sin, the Promised Child of the Ages came to the scene. Unpretentious. Without fanfare. Quietly . . . on a still night in Palestine. To ordinary people. He arrived. For the brokenhearted and those filled with shame, the Immanuel came to the scene. A little child . . . a boy. Testified […]

On Blackest Night: A Christmas Poem

On blackest night the Babe was born Amidst dancing shadows not far away That first breath, a single cry Early dawn, a brand new day Joyful tears, gasps of relief Seen on humble mother’s face One first hug, one first kiss Early dawn, a brand new day Years go by, glad tidings cease To piercing sword give way O precious […]