Anger Regarding Umpqua

I’m angry. Angry that nine more lives were lost because some deranged man was infatuated with death. Angry that many of these lives were snuffed out because they were believers in Jesus. Angry that too many of the voices of influence in the public square do not seem to care whatsoever about that detail. I cannot help but imagine if these […]

Terry Jones is a Fool

Okay. I said it. Terry Jones, the leader of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, is a fool. Webster suggests to us that a fool is someone lacking judgment or prudence. Next to the definition should be Terry Jones’ name. While the deadly attacks in places like Afghanistan are horrendous and themselves foolish, having no legitimate justification, the recent […]

Three Reasons to Not Burn the Koran

On September 11, 2010, the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, is planning on having a Koran-burning. Called the “International Burn a Koran Day,” this particular church has even put forward ten reasons why the Koran should be burned. As one might expect, condemnation for this scheduled event, and the attitude behind it, is pouring in from all over […]