Potentially Life-Changing!

It was in February of 1988 that I sat in a living room of a friend’s home and heard a missionary to south central Africa talking about giving every ounce of his being to the Lord of Glory that brought me to my knees, causing me to pursue vocational ministry. I’ll never forget it. Later READ MORE

Things to Come From the Platform

Here at Bethel Church we are in the middle of our sermon series entitled “Memoirs of an Ancient Prophet: A Study Through the Book of Daniel.” Indeed, this coming Sunday, March 27, we will launch into the second half of Daniel 9. Our goal is to finish the Book of Daniel on Palm Sunday, just READ MORE

A Brief Note from the Far Side of the World

Well, here I am in Jakarta, Indonesia, having meaningful access to a computer for the first time in several days. I am in Jakarta visiting my brother and his family, and recuperating a bit from a fascinating and insightful trip through parts of Cambodia, where Bethel Church has an important partnership with some very strategically READ MORE