Potentially Life-Changing!


Missions-ConferenceIt was in February of 1988 that I sat in a living room of a friend’s home and heard a missionary to south central Africa talking about giving every ounce of his being to the Lord of Glory that brought me to my knees, causing me to pursue vocational ministry. I’ll never forget it. Later that year I took my first trip to North Africa; and since then have worked in nearly 25 countries, six states, and seven churches—serving the Lord in some determined capacity.

[Tweet “That is the power of listening to what God is doing for his glory around the globe. “]And that is the power that a missions conference can bring into your life. It can give you the chance to hear something fresh from the Lord, something even life-changing, something that will ignite or renew your sense of purpose in a very broken world.

With that in mind, I need to ask you to carve out October 26 from your calendar. On that Saturday Bethel Church will be hosting a remarkable missions awareness event [Register Here], with well over a dozen workshops from which to choose, and the capable guidance of some keynote speakers whose words may be as influential in your life as that missionary was in mine back in 1988. The Saturday will be capped off with a fabulous Taste of the Nations event that allows you to sample cultures from across the globe, celebrate God’s grace around the world, and tease you with his purposes for people from all walks of life.

You have to come. You have to bring your friends. You have to bring your family. This opportunity will be so worthwhile . . . and potentially life-changing!

Pastor Matthew



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