Four Pieces of Advice from the Lives of Wise Men

Matthew 2:1-12 paints a compelling portrayal of bravery and determination, unpacking for all the story of magi who make their way toward Bethlehem from some distant land in the east. Contrary to conventional thinking, and the accompanying legends and carols, the magi likely many long months or perhaps even a year or so after Jesus’ READ MORE

Legitimizing the Lord

Tucked tightly between the passage about Jesus’ healing the man with the withered hand and the calling of the twelve apostles is a seemingly modest account of a great crowd coming to Jesus for physical healing. Read carefully what Mark has penned about this particular moment in Jesus’ remarkable life: Jesus withdrew with his disciples READ MORE

Asleep in Chains

Tucked within the confines of Acts 12 is a telling description of the Apostle Peter’s true character; a portrait of his internal constitution. To appreciate the notation about the great apostle one needs to understand the broader context. King Herod was rounding up the Christian leaders in Jerusalem, putting “violent hands on some” (Acts 12:1). READ MORE