The Risk of Moving Forward

“Forward!” is the watchword of the spiritual life, a movement toward a destination that seems so incredibly elusive, but one into which we will step when it does in fact materialize. But “Forward!” is incredibly frightening. It can be costly. It requires change. It requires patience. It requires determination. It requires humility. It requires faith.¬†Moving READ MORE

Your Spiritual Journey

Jesus’ movement to the Sea of Galilee was not mere happenstance, and it was much more than simply finding friends with whom to hang out. Indeed, Jesus put into motion not only an eternal mission for humankind, but the template for a very personal journey that every man and woman who is willing should and READ MORE

Three Top Needs for Any Pastor

An acquaintance of mine just asked a group of friends and me how to encourage and mentor a young pastor experiencing tremendous growth in his church. He had wisely sought out my acquaintance for mentoring and accountability, and this man then asked us for pieces of experience that he could pass along to this young READ MORE