Pastoral Scarcity: A Poem

Pastoral Scarcity: A Poem (c) Copyright 2016, by Matthew R. St. John For all the pastors everywhere For whom material sustenance is truly scarce I pray for you to be strong this day And rest well in God’s sustaining grace READ MORE

Do Not Be Afraid

Below is a repost of a popular and timely piece I wrote a few short years ago. Perhaps it will encourage you this weekend, too: Someone that I have known for many years told me that she felt afraid as she thinks about the future and what the implications of past sin are for the READ MORE

Three Means to Hardened Heart

While visiting with a friend this morning the conversation turned to the too-common reality of a heart grown hard. My friend and I are people desperate to have hearts soft toward God, tender to his purposes and pleasures and presence. As we were reflecting on this hunger for pliability and proximity to the Father, what READ MORE