Divine Intervention or Man’s Invention

The Apostle Paul can almost see it happening. There, in the soft glow of lanterns and torches, pious men teach in sanctimonious tones to men and women scattered on blankets and rugs, a room full of people eager to ensure that they are okay with God. “What does the law of God tell us?” those READ MORE

For Want of a Man

William Bennet reminds us that years ago in the Kruger National Park in South Africa there were so many African elephants that researchers had to thin them out. They did this by killing some of them, but they also took a number of the younger males and transfered them to another game range, the Pilanesberg READ MORE

Mack Brown and the Lingering Influence of Fathers

I’ve had a lot of discussion lately with men whose fathers were simply too harsh on them. Let me just mention here that though I’ve seen that for years and understand the dynamic as someone who just spends a lot of time with hurting people, I cannot personally relate. My own dad has been a READ MORE