Embarking on a Great Mission: Encouragement from the Father

With a gentle nod toward General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his powerful message to the Allied forces just before they landed at Normandy in June 1944, the following statement, reframed as if from our Heavenly Father for our marvelous ministry team at New Hope Church, but poignant for the ministry laborer wherever she or he may be, is certainly timely as one […]

Behold the Man!

Our world is starving for real men to step up and lead. Not empty-suits, vacant behind the eyes and the ties. Not passive fools whose life ambition is to be nothing more than the sex-starved, beer-crazed baffoons in the average commercial or sitcom. Not the guys who spend their time feeling sorry for themselves and passing off their responsibility upon […]

Ten Things I Learn When I Listen to God

There are those convictions that come along reminding me that I spend an awful lot of time talking to the Lord, but very little real time just listening. Reflecting on this sad reality brings to my mind the words of Isaiah 29:13, wherein the Lord says, “this people draw[s] near with their mouth and honor[s] me with their lips, while […]

Four Simple Reflections on Worship

This past weekend I had a chance to welcome guests to Bethel Church’s Valley Worship Arts Conference. Pastor Andy Kvernen, one of my ministry partners and Bethel’s marvelous worship pastor, had asked me to take a few moments and share some thoughts on the impact of worship on the local church. Much could be shared, but here is what I […]

The Missing Ingredient

One would think the disciples would have understood, but alas, they seemed clueless. The scene was familiar: thousands of people, hungry bellies, a few loaves of bread and fish, and the Lord eager to transform. The ingredients were all there for something remarkable to unfold. All the ingredients but one. Read the story carefully and see if you can find […]

Addington on Grace

Grace. It is the word that we use at some special meal when we ask someone to pray. “Would you say grace?” we ask. It is a word that we will hear over and over again while watching the Sochi Winter Olympics on NBC. “She skates with so much grace!” we will declare. It is a word we repeat when […]