Reflections on Newtown Shooting


Like many of you I am trying to absorb the horror of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The image of the young mom now in utter shock, reflecting on having happily dropped her kid off earlier in the day only to discover he was now dead, sends chills all over me. How in the world can any of us process this?

Three thoughts come to my mind, and if they can help you then please receive them as some contribution to your effort to deal with the unfolding trauma. First, we have to remember that God bears us up right now in the midst of it all. Psalm 68:19 declares, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.” In those simple words I am reminded that our Lord can carry us even today. He is with us and has not forgotten us. Moreover, he alone is our hope.

Secondly, it helps me to remember there is hope beyond the grave. Psalm 23:4 points out that even in Death’s valley, God is with us; we need not fear. Furthermore, as the psalmist points out in Psalm 23:6, he shall dwell with the Lord forever. This, of course, is the great promise for all of us who believe in Christ.

Lastly, I have to cling to the fact that God will deal with the injustices and terrors of our world. Romans 12:19 reminds us that vengeance belongs to the Lord; he will right all wrongs and judge those who inflict pain.

For me, these thoughts bring some feeling to an otherwise completely numb soul. But these things do not answer what may be the biggest question of the day: Why, Lord?

And to that I have no answer at all.


  1. David says:

    I think that the evil powers active around us coupled with the sinfulness of lost humanity increase the potential for heinous acts beyond our imagination. Perhaps we should be surprised that more do not take place. But for the protection of God.

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