I Will Say “Yes”


Lord, patiently, you ask me to wait.
But this chore seems so slow.
Thus, I ask you to hurry
And you kindly, gently, say “no.”

You, the Creator, hold all in your hand
Thus, here I shall watch with wonder; stand.
And run not ahead to where I think you must go.
I shall wait, while with divine repose you show

That your design is better than mine is,
And that in your dust I am a simple guest.
Thus, I’ll not ask you to hurry
But, I will simply say “yes.”

(c) Copyright by Matthew R. St. John


  1. Matthew says:

    La . . . thank you. This is an issue that I’m praying about . . . fearful about . . . and generally hopeful for.

    Love you guys a lot!

  2. LauraLee Shaw says:

    Matt, I will say it a hundred times…you need to get your writings published!!! Well, they are published online, but you know…

    Saying “yes” to Him used to be so hard, but the more I do so, the more He lets me see the blessings that come as a result. Peace, joy…Spirit-filled fruit.

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