Executive Shame: Obama and the Culture of Death


In late summer of 2009 I spoke about the likelihood of President Obama insisting that within his proposed health care legislation there would be expectations for broad tax-payer abortion. I made it clear that the potential abortion provisions were completely unacceptable. I stand by that today. The fiasco yesterday by President Obama is nothing short of rhetorical gamesmanship. For the life of me I cannot fathom why it is our president and so many other leaders yearn we remain a culture that kills its most vulnerable. For the message in question click here.

I appreciate the effort put forward by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding this issue. At the core of their effort is the dignity and value of the unborn. An important but secondary matter, and it is secondary to the issue of life, is religious freedom without government intrusion. For an executive branch determined to promote “choice,” they clearly reveal their profound hypocrisy on this matter, amplified still more by the pretend reversal of the contraceptive mandate, as put forward by President Obama on February 10, 2012. For the US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s response, click here.

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