What’s In A Name?


I’m not sure I share her passion for preventing biology classes from dissecting worms and frogs, but I have to admire Jennifer Thornburg’s tenacity. So committed is she to ridding science class dissections from schools she has actually legally changed her name to raise awareness about her cause.

Her new name? Cutout Dissection.com.

It’s true. At her website (again . . . this is also her name), you can see her driver’s license and hear her story. I’ll leave it to you to decide if her cause is worthwhile. What strikes me is simply her determination to let her name equate to her cause, which begs a most uncomfortable question of you and me: Do we who claim the name “Christian” demonstrate the passion, faithfulness and integrity that this name demands?


  1. LauraLee Shaw says:

    My new motto is “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ disguised as a wife, mom, writer and ministry leader.” Borrowed the idea from Stuart Briscoe. Everything that I do, everything that I am should reflect whose I am…whom I follow…where I find my strength. Love it!

  2. jake says:

    Can I add a parallel?

    Sinclair Ferguson at the Desiring God National Conference last month spoke from James 3 about the tongue and its power.

    He mentioned how such a small thing, like a rudder, can set the course for a something larger like a ship… and then he said this:

    Like smokers who never notice the small of their breath, so we give ourselves away by our speech.
    We betray our identity every time we speak. We all have accents.
    “Do I breath out depravity or grace?”

    He was speaking of the tongue but is PART of what you mentioned… I call upon the name of Christ to override my own name and yet I HAVE to ask, do I bring honor to that name… that cause above all other causes… the Gospel?

    Good question Matthew… you messed me up good today! 🙂

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