Warriors, to be Reckoned With


Women. MorgueFile. Used with Permission.Unless the Lord returns and takes us to Heaven, this coming Sunday at Bethel Church we will run headlong into a brief but important sermon series entitled, Warrior: A Study of Biblical Womanhood. This journey will take all of us—men and women—through the Scriptures’ winding roads, where we will make meaningful stops in places like Genesis 1 and 2, Proverbs 31, some of the Bible’s historical books, and more. I have long been under the conviction that the Church can do so much better than it does celebrating and championing the precious Daughters-of-the-King that make up well over half of all of Christianity. Women of all ages ought to be honored, have their dignity and worth affirmed, be encouraged, respected, partnered with, and protected. After all, women of every age and background are warriors, to be reckoned with, bearing God’s image and called to change the world.

Women . . . men . . . people of all ages . . . be ready for Sunday. God is doing something very special at Bethel Church!

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