Tribute to “Prof”


“Prof” introduced me to the finer art of hermeneutics. For years my family has echoed the mantra: “Observation is the key to interpretation.” My first real introduction to Bible study methodology came from Prof. One of the greatest insights I have ever gleaned regarding managing my devotional life with my precious Christa came from Prof. My commitment to really be myself in my preaching was inspired by Prof. My thirst to celebrate artistry and creativity came from Prof. My yearning to integrate total integrity in my exegetical work came from Prof. My earnestness with regard to loving the Bride of Christ came in large measure from Prof. My first real introduction to the necessity of deep and abiding leadership within the Body of Christ came from Prof, long before I even met him. He was one of the first professors I ever spoke to when I entered Dallas Seminary in 1991; I remember it like it was yesterday. And he was one of the last professors I spoke to when I left Dallas’ Scofield Memorial Church in 2008 to move to North Dakota. During my years as the senior pastor of Scofield, Prof’s and Jeanne’s steadfast encouragement, wisdom and listening ear was as vital as anyone’s. And it continued when I arrived at Bethel Church. When days were tough in my ministry his catalizing word of affirmation and apprecition for my family and me moved me to step forward, facing fear and uncertainty with calm and faith and courage.

Frankly, these words, from the heart as they are, are utterly inadequate. Prof Hendricks was without any doubt one of the most formidable influences on my entire life—family, ministry, goals, dreams, devotion.

And he will always remain so.

One of Christianity’s giants has landed on Heaven’s Shore, and for him I am eternally grateful to the Master. May his tribe increase.

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