The King’s Invitation


Mephibosheth knew nothing but shame and suffering since he was five years old. Once the heir to a mighty throne, this forgotten man managed to survive in a lonely corner of Palestine known in Hebrew simply as Lo Debar—no pastureland. The royal rights that were his had been stripped from him with the demise of his grandfather’s would-be dynasty. His famous father had been killed in battle. During a daring escape as a little boy Mephibosheth was dropped to the ground and crippled for life. What tragedy! Indeed, Lo Debar likely described the man’s soul as much as the region in which he lived. This is a man who knew pain and grief.

That’s why what happened to this man was so remarkable. Unbeknownst to him, his grandfather’s archenemy, King David, was seeking Mephibosheth out to care for him. Mephibosheth had nothing to offer in return. He certainly had not earned the king’s benevolence. In fact, it was the general rule that kings could kill off the remaining families of those who had opposed them. But King David had a different plan, and it did not matter that this crippled man from Lo Debar had nothing to give in return.

Having been summoned by royal command to King David’s palace, Mephibosheth was brought into the king’s presence. One can only imagine the apprehension and anxiety that raced through his mind. But rather than words of hatred, he heard words of grace.

“Don’t be afraid,” the king said to him. “I will show you love and kindness . . . I will restore to you all that was your family’s . . . and you will always eat at my table.”

With that, this crippled man from Lo Debar had been catapulted into the inner circle of one of history’s greatest kings. He had nothing to offer. But he’d been given everything.

Do you find yourself hobbling around in Lo Debar today? Maybe your soul is crippled with shame because of haunting sin. How about despair because your job is not secure? Have dashed dreams produced anger within? Do scars of humiliation mark you because of atrocities done against you by people you’ve trusted? Whatever the case, are you dealing with a crippled and wounded spirit today?

If you are, you need to hear these words: your King loves you. Jesus Christ wants to fellowship with you regardless of the fact you have nothing to offer. He wants to dine with you right now—handicaps and all. There is nothing in your life great enough to shove aside the grace of God. Nothing! You may be in Lo Debar today—crippled and ashamed because of a life gone awry. But your mighty God, Jesus Christ, longs to restore what has been broken and give you a future. Remember, it was He who said, “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

Together, let this be our refrain, “O Lamb of God, I come! I come!”


  1. gerri says:

    I feel like i have been in lodibar for a long time but i know God is with me. I know it is just a test for me. I just started reading about this story today and it surely encouraged me . i feel like i have been all by myself with no family, friends i thought were my friends are not there for me. But deep down inside of me i just cannot give up no matter what. God has not forgotten me!. I believe that me and my daughter will be ok I am still gonna trust God even when I can’t trace him. I AM A CHILD OF THE KING. Though he slay me yet will i trust him! Pray for me that I am coming out within the next few days……

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