Nothing So Strong as Gentleness

For those of you whose leadership style is marked by a mild disposition, a demeanor that is more gentle than not, and yet you often hear that such a disposition is weakness, take heart. Do not take hold of the lie that your posture is somehow less than. I hear this enough, and it can READ MORE

Slapping Down Those Tiny Devils

In glorious Minnesota, where I live, the days are getting longer, the sun feels warmer, and the birds are singing. Spring is upon us and our beloved land is thawing. But with this warmth also comes the dreaded mosquitos and the ensuing war we wage against each one. Yet this awful flying devil has been READ MORE

When Your Adversary Roars

I was asked recently to share about the way spiritual warfare works in my own life. What a tough thing to tackle! Dare I be brutally honest, conveying the depths that I can go in my own struggle against the “cosmic powers over this present darkness” (Ephesians 6:12)? Generally speaking I shared along two lines. READ MORE

Piper on Fighting Lust

A friend recently passed along these words from John Piper regarding the fight against lust. You can read Piper’s posting directly at Anthem: Strategies for Fighting Lust on the Desiring God website. Or you can find it below. As we here at Bethel Church step into a new sermon series entitled, “Crazy Sex: Embracing God’s READ MORE