Reflections on the American Church and Global Ministry

At a global ministry conference in Beirut, Lebanon, I was asked to share my reflections on the state of the American church and the implications of my observations for global ministry. Here is a survey of what I shared: First, evangelicalism, which is a rich theological construct, has been co-opted by American politics and is now perceived as a political […]

Assad, Obama, and the Culture of Death

Two headlines really struck me as sick and sad. They speak to a fascination with death and power and narcissism. They speak to the demise of the weak at the hand of the strong. They reflect a justification for self-preservation over and above things more transcendent. Even though the two headlines address two completely different geopolitical regimes—one being Syria and […]

Crazy Sex: Embracing God’s Best in a World Gone Crazy

As part of Bethel Church’s preparation for the upcoming sermon series entitled “Crazy Sex: Embracing God’s Best in a World Gone Crazy,” this letter has been sent out to the Bethel Church family. I thought it might be helpful for all of my blog readers as well. Dear Friend, “Sex” may well be the most influential word in our culture, […]

Daniel 11 and the Antichrist’s Rule

Daniel 11 presents a sweeping view of the historical realities that dominated the ancient near east in the years between Daniel’s death right up to the years just before the birth of the Messiah. The precision with which Daniel addresses the historical events is amazing, and generally affirmed by historians both secular and theological as incredibly accurate. No small wonder […]