Stacie Crimm: Nobility in our Time


Oklahoman Stacie Crimm has done something that embodies ultimate nobility, dignity and selflessness. In so doing she has demonstrated humanity at its finest, offering a stark contrast to humanity at its most common. She sacrificed her own life for the unborn child in her womb. She refused an abortion. She refused the medical treatment that would have saved her own life, fearing the treatments would harm her unborn child. She gave her life so that her baby could live. This monumental act of selflessness will no doubt be mocked and lambasted by those who find killing the unborn the height of sophistication and empowerment. Indeed, this is quite the striking contrast to a comment received recently on this blog site which finds one individual declaring, “You’re ignorant if you think everyone who gets pregnant should be forced to birth a child, what about the life of the mother? Is it fair to her to give up her life goals and ambitions for the sake of your moral stand on abortions?” I say, “Well, ask Stacie Crimm’s little girl.”

Stacie Crimm gave birth to a little girl and named her Dottie. I wonder just how much empowerment Dottie would feel if she were aborted—no female empowerment for her should that have been the course. Indeed, one of the terrible lies of the pro-abortion movement is that it empowers women to have abortions; as the comment above reflects, fairness for the mother is a higher premium than the life of the baby.

And talk about ultimate empowerment! What is more empowering and, in fact, powerful? Taking life . . . or giving it?

May Stacie Crimm’s tribe increase.

[click here for the news story]

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