Manhood: Men of Nobility


I am blown away by the sad reality that too many guys are living like junior highers in grown-men’s bodies. And if for some reason we are choosing to rise above that reality, the society in which we find ourselves is determined to force us into that mold. Ours is a culture begging one essential question: where are the real men? And by real men I don’t men the goofballs that are presented on the nightly sitcoms; the guys who are always presented as prepubescent fools, lacking intellengence and social maturity and sexual responsibility. I mean men. Men who are not takers but givers. Men who are not lusters but lovers. Men who are not passive wusses but confident and bold heroes.

It is with this mind that at Bethel Church we are launching on February 24, 2012 at the Men’s Fraternity gathering a brief but vital sermon series simply entitled, “Manhood.” Throughout the series, most of which will stem from Isaiah 32, we will be boldly offering a call to a new level of nobility for men. You will not want to miss these messages, and I personally would covet your prayers as we proceed. I am absolutely convinced that affirming the legitimacy of noble men who can lead for God’s glory in our broken world is one of the greatest needs of our time and of all time.

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