It is easily dismissed in our day and age, though it is no laughing matter. Sadly, Christians, even in good Bible-believing churches like the ours, are especially notorious for it. Callie Glorioso-Mays says it brilliantly: at its root, gossip is a manifestation of two insidious sins: pride and idolatry. Check out Glorioso-May’s post for more. It’s worth the read!



I am a gossip.

I have spoken words about others that have been unnecessary, unkind and sometimes even untrue. I have painted others with verbal caricatures that have been unforgiving and unflatteringly. More times than I would like to admit, I have needed to beg forgiveness from God and others for my speech.

I have also been the subject of gossip and felt the sting that accompanies it. And while I wish I could say that these experiences mostly occurred in the secular world, the truth is that most of these incidences have been amongst Christians, the very people who have been told to speak with grace (Colossians 4:6).



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