Advent in Action


Several years ago I ate a salad in Morocco that was washed in the local water, and then spent the next 24 hours throwing up all over Marrakesh, New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina. I was just one traveler. Imagine that kind of sickness because of unclean water is your daily existence.

Some time back I was in South Sudan. I was blown away by the inordinate amount of time that the missionaries near the village took just to ensure they had clean drinking water. Arduous trips to the Yabus River and back, hours of filtering in special containers. The missionariers were working hard to remain safe and healthy. And they were providing as much care for the villagers as they could in this regard, teaching them how to clean their own water. But their effort barely impacted the overwhelming need.

At Bethel Church this Christmas Season we are accumulating money to ensure that water wells are constructed in a certain village Sodwana, South Africa and Gondola, Mozambique. We would love to have your help. Indeed, if the amount of money spent for Christmas in the United States just this year were applied to provide clean water for the whole world, the water crisis that dominates so many people’s lives would be eradicated immediately. Check out the following video for more information. And if you’d like to join us in helping boys and girls drink clean water in this generation and in generations to follow, click here.


Advent In Action 2011 from Bethel Church on Vimeo.

In a place where the scarcity of clean water produces illness and dehydration, we are confident that our investments can improve an entire community one well at a time.

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