A Note to our Bethel Family


An email to our wonderful Bethel Church family, regarding the election:

Hi Friends . . . . .

A number of you have visited with me today about the election; some of you in tears, others of you neutral, still others of you pleased. I know that even in our church family, within our staff and among our members, there is today jubilation and heartache. One of the beauties of our nation is the privilege to put our hearts fully into these great moments in our American experience. When victory comes our way, as it has for some of us, the return to our hearts is full. When loss comes our way, as it has for some of us, the return is, well, nothing, or so it seems. When we inject deep and abiding prayer, our aspirations and hopes, and a profound concern for God’s convictions, these feelings get amplified still more greatly.

Last night at our elder board meeting we read a prayer posted by Scotty Smith on the Gospel Coalition website. It was captivating. You can find it here. Let its words be like a refreshing spring rain for us all, reminding us that when all is said and done, regardless of our political posture or our feelings the day after an election, we are citizens of Another Place.

Moreover is a post I put up early this morning on my own blog. It is simple, lacking the eloquence of Scotty’s prayer, but perhaps you will find it helpful. You may find it here.

I love each one of you, and am so proud to be part of the Bethel Church family with you. I’m praying God’s peace will wash over you, your hearts will remain tender to our Master, and that your hope, regardless of which way the political winds blew for you, will always be beyond the here and now.

Pastor Matthew


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