Transform a Village with Advent in Action!

Pastor Matthew pumping water at a new well in western Mozambique. The funding of this well came through the Advent in Action campaign at Bethel Church.


Christmas 2014


Dear Friends,

As many of you know, this past summer I had the distinct privilege of walking up to two different water wells in Mozambique, around which many people gathered to fill up containers with fresh, clean and cold drinking water to take back to their homes. I couldn’t help but find my eyes getting as wet as the pavement under each well’s faucet, so overwhelmed was I to think that the lives of these villagers was forever changed. After generations of disease-ridden water, they now had something safe in which to wash, with which to cook, and with which to quench thirst under the hot African sun.

You may not know this but America spends an average of $130 billion dollars at Christmas. What would it be like if we could take even a fraction of that money and apply it toward helping still others have fresh and clean water? It is for this reason that for a few years now the Bethel family, in partnership with Master’s Heart, has been raising money for water wells throughout southern Africa and in India. Many of you have been so faithful toward this cause. Will you join us again this Christmas?

As I pumped water from those African wells, filled my own bottle with this amazing treasure, and saw the joy of the people filling their containers to take home, I couldn’t help but think about our Bethel family, and the numerous folks of all ages dropping coins and cash into Bethel Church’s beautiful Advent in Action gift boxes. If you have contributed to this effort in the past, you have made a life-altering difference!

This Christmas, whether in our Advent in Action boxes or online at, let’s do it again!

Pastor Matthew



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