Tiger Woods Steps Up


“After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf,” Tiger Woods said in a statement on his website. “I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.”


Caught in a vortex of disgusting revelations about sexual escapades with women other than his wife Elin, and a media frenzy that is nearly equally as disgusting, it is remarkable that Tiger Woods would come out as he has with the aforementioned statement. But good for him. For a man who has behaved in a most childish fashion it is refreshing to see him, in the midst of all the raw stuff, step up and be, well, a man.

A real man will keep himself for the bride to whom he made a covenant. But short of that a real man will own any indiscretions, blame no one but himself, and walk away from those things that could otherwise hinder him from stepping up and doing what is right. The fact is many people can be golfing superstars. No one else can be the father of his two children or the husband to Elin, even if the world says such responsibilities can be easily and comfortably divvied up. Hopefully this turn of events for this husband and father will turn into something that will create a legacy of healing and forgiveness and true greatness that far transcends the accolades carefully formulated on a golf course and in a marketing board room. And no so-called fan is so important that Tiger should walk away from his need to focus on his family. Those fans who are more concerned with their need to watch him play golf than tend to matters of the heart and home are, frankly, sick and need to get a life in a bad way.

For me the probing questions turn into deep gut-checks. Do I faithfully and consistently step up and be the man that God would have me be? Do I do this in the supposedly little things of life, when no one is looking? Am I owning my responsibilities as a man, with the nobility and dignity and sense of stewardship that must be commiserate with that calling?

Are you?

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