Think Small; Think Big


As summer is slipping away and fall is descending upon us, at least here in Minneapolis, I offered these words to the scores of phenomenal staff that help New Hope Church shine. Perhaps these words can encourage you as well. Here you go:


As we step into this new season I wish to ask you to do two important things. First, I want to ask you to THINK SMALL. Many of you have heard me talk about this before. Think small! Celebrate that one moment when you see God at work. Return that one email, even if it’s a hard one. Give that one hug that you know will be the most significant moment of grace and kindness in someone’s whole day. Offer that one word of grace and truth to that one person who needs it now. Head home early for one additional hour with your family or friends.

Think small. Celebrate the little things that too many will not even notice. Give attention to those seemingly minor details that may not mean much to you but will swell the soul of another. Notice those that otherwise are lost in the crowd.

Think small. Take the mustard seed-sized faith and direct it toward our Father. And watch Him respond.

But also, THINK BIG. Remember that you have a God around whom there are no boundaries and about whom there are no limitations. Remember that you are part of a community that loves you, respects you, and is eager to be with you—you’re not alone! Remember that the depths of the Word of God can never be fully mined, and that there is an infinite measure of eternal wisdom at your disposal. Believe that the unlimited power of God is yours to enjoy. Trust that He has the cattle on a thousand hills. Remember that He who is with you is greater than anything the world or the flesh or the devil throws at you.

Think big. Celebrate the big things that happen in our midst. Give attention to those matters that merit a robust response, even if it appears no one else is interested. Take note of the whole—seeing not just the trees but the forest, too.

Think big. Strike the ground with as many faith-arrows as you can, pushing God hard for Him to work out His purposes. He is big, He can handle it, and He welcomes it!

I love you so very much and am so thankful to be here with you. You are called of God for such a time as this. As we step forward into the new season stretching out in front of us, let us together think small. And let us together think big. And let us watch God work wondrously for His glory and the good of all.

Pastor Matthew

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