The LORD is My Portion


Etched onto the parchment of Psalm 119 one finds those words that not only wrap up a busy year, but give us something to which to cling as we move into the next. “The LORD is my portion,” the first stanza of Psalm 119:57 says. These words merit some additional attention.

I can’t help but note the of all the things which could satisfy me, it is “the LORD” that is taking command of this phrase. And don’t miss the English capitalization of this word. That means we’re not just talking about any master or commander. We are talking about Yahweh, the Eternal Covenant God. He is supreme above everything. Nothing and no one matches him.


The verb is important. It is a present tense verb. The LORD is sufficient in this very moment, not just the past or the future. Right now. This very day, in the midst of whatever are your current circumstances. The Living God is very present for your time of need.

The pronoun “my” proves meaningful because it makes the promise of God’s sufficiency so incredibly personal. Certainly this mighty God is available to others. But this great God is also available and interested, right now, in you and me. Suddenly, I’m reminded that relating with Him is not about some religion or ritual. It is about a relationship, One on one—Him and me.

And the text says that this Eternal Covenant God is right now personally engaged with me as my “portion.” That implies He is all I need. The ancient word behind “portion” suggests an inheritance, or the share in an estate. God is my share, that which satisfies me and makes me full. He is, to put it one way, my inherited land in which I securely dwell, my wide-open space in which I can breathe easily and find rest. Psalm 16:5 puts it this way: The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.

The Living God of Heaven and Earth and Beyond has certainly been my portion this past year. He has taken care of me and led me and protected me and giving me holy room in which to breathe. And I am trusting Him to do the same as I head into this brand new year that is upon us.

How about you? Will you make this the time that you find the LORD is your right-now portion?


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