Three Means to Hardened Heart

While visiting with a friend this morning the conversation turned to the too-common reality of a heart grown hard. My friend and I are people desperate to have hearts soft toward God, tender to his purposes and pleasures and presence. As we were reflecting on this hunger for pliability and proximity to the Father, what READ MORE

Turning Pain into a Parable

I have been giving some thought to the ways that God reveals himself in our lives and remembered this blog post from a couple of years back. As I reread it I decided it might be worth re-posting. Let me know if it resonates with you: Yesterday was one of those days marked by pain. READ MORE

Turning Pain Into a Parable

Yesterday was one of those days marked by pain. In my heart. All the day. For reasons and circumstances utterly beyond my own doing yet simply common to Everyman. The stuff of life taking the toll on my life. And, you know, it is no different than your day, or your tomorrow, or some day READ MORE