An Invitation to Fast

An invitation: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic I am inviting the New Hope Church family to set aside Wednesdays as a day of fasting and prayer during which we seek God’s mercy for these uncertain and grievous days. -Pastor Matthew Responding to an existential threat from an approaching army, one ancient monarch, Jehoshaphat, called his people to “fast throughout […]

Exegesis Times Two: A Reprise

I received an encouraging email yesterday from a dear friend that brought to my mind this blog posting of mine from late summer or early fall of 2009. I have to tell you that I love to preach, and I am so thankful for the privilege that it is, and the patient and eager spirit of the Bethel Church family […]

Exegesis Times Two: Understanding the Text and the Audience

It was a recent breakfast with a friend that brought to the surface an interesting feature of preaching that is often overlooked or unknown by the person gathered to listen. It is what I call exegesis times two. Before going further, however, it is important to define “exegesis”, which in its most basic sense means “to interpret” or “explain.” This […]