Excitement for 2010 Global Leadership Summit


I’m totally pumped about the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit being hosted here at Bethel Church August 5-6, 2010. Tony Dungy, Jim Collins, Jack Welch, Andy Stanley, and many other world-class leaders will be speaking into the elevation of excellent leadership in a culture that is desperate for authentic and quality leaders. You’ve absolutely GOT TO COME to this two-day video-simulcast.

Register Right Now for the Bethel Church site! (click here to find a site near you)

This timely and inspiring event is an absolute must for you and any team with which you participate regularly. It has helped transform the leadership culture of Bethel Church, and countless other organizations around the world that participate. And, as importantly, it has inspired individuals from all walks of life to (re)discover their passions while discerning how those passions can be given shape by the life and legacy of Jesus Christ.

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