A Prayer for Summer


O God, the Author of All Good,

I come before You with great thanksgiving for a marvelous springtime

And am filled with much anticipation regarding summer’s arrival.

As your people prepare to launch into summer’s many things,

Give us Your safekeeping,

Your joy,

Your steadfast provision of all necessary bounty,

Your precious wisdom and counsel,

And all that Your Sabbath rest embodies.

May it be, O Mighty One, that as each day slips into night,

And night returns to day,

We will be found faithful to the task of giving all people your Gospel,

And that we will be not lacking in our spiritual fortitude,

That in righteousness we shall walk,

That in awesome dependence we shall abide with Jesus,

That in much grace we shall live,

That others will find us believable for You.

Enable us, Faithful Lord, to stay the course of faith,

And grant that at summer’s end we shall not be found empty of spiritual affections.

Allow us to offer love as the greatest expression of our gratitude to You,

So that summer’s leisure will not replace godly responsibility,

Many travels abroad would not displace our trips to Your Throne,

Provided respite will not supplant divine rest,

And our neighbors will not be reckoned as annoyances in the midst of summer’s lazy days.

For Your reputation alone do we go forth with great excitement and trust,

For Yours is the day

And the night belongs to You.

Thus, we glorify You today, and with each coming summer hour.


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