A Prayer for Scofield Memorial Church


Scofield Worship CenterSunday, September 20, will be a very special day for Scofield Memorial Church in Dallas, Texas. This faithful congregation has spent the past few days with the man who is likely to be its new senior pastor, Dr. Jeffery J. VanGoethem, from Carlock, Illinois. He preaches Sunday, and then in the evening the congregation will meet to consider extending him a formal offer.

Can I tell you how incredibly excited I am for Scofield and for Dr. VanGoethem? If you are reading this, will you pause and pray for them? You might pray along these lines:

Father . . .

You love your church so much, and, of course, you have a special place in your heart for Scofield Memorial Church. Since before time began you had in your mind that Dr. VanGoethem would be spending these days with this special congregation. Will you bless him immensely, Father, and allow him to sense your peace in overwhelming measure? And will you grant great favor to the men and women of Scofield Memorial Church? Bless them, Father, with your guidance and wisdom, and allow them the sweet joy of a new and rewarding season, one that exalts Christ still more, allows many to be edified, and many more to know the Savior.

Protect them and Dr. VanGoethem from the evil one and from sin; from fear and from discouragement; from disunity and confusion. May they all—each and every one—realize your joy and peace, and find you faithful yet more. And should Dr. VanGoethem fill the role of being their new senior pastor, would you grant unto him a mighty and fresh platform from which he may lead for your honor and glory. May it be so, dear Father, in the name of the matchless Savior and Lord, Jesus.


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