Yet Again I Cried


Someone told me yesterday that I was perceived as “a man’s man,” whatever that means. I want very much to believe that it is a compliment worth holding to my heart like some soldier who bears a brilliant medal for courage under fire. After all . . . what man worth his salt would not want to be known as, well, a Man?

However, I must confess that this is a man’s man who once again cried early yesterday when I took my daughter to her first day of seventh grade. Of course no one saw it, for I am generally too manly to let anyone see such vulnerability, especially when surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of middle school kids. It would, I am sure, be a profoundly uncool thing to be seen choking up on the plaza situated in front of Cheney Middle School.

But cry I did, behind bulbous black sunglasses. And yes there was even a hint of drama, as my lovely Emily and I let go our hands, stepped apart from one another, and I gazed longingly as she turned and disappeared into the thick crowd of fellow students filing past the prinicipal’s stern figure. Suddenly in my mind she was climbing into a well-polished car, a large smile on her face, flowers in her hand, and a newly designated groom at the wheel. And then, in a flash, she was bringing an old man a blanket, draping it over my lap, and saying, “I love you Daddy . . . may I get your medicine.”

Duh! Or . . . as they say here in Fargo . . . Uffda!

So much for being a manly man. I am just thankful that I can be a tender-hearted daddy whose deep affection for his (rapidly maturing) babies knows no bounds. Besides, with every tear I shed I am reminded of the grandfatherly observation of General Norman Schwarzkopf, a model of manliness, who, responding years ago to a question by Barbara Walters about his weepy eyes when speaking of his troops, said: “I am afraid of a man who does not cry.”

Me too, Norm.


  1. EmilyGrace says:

    Daddy, I’m currently reading this at one thirty in the morning because I can’t sleep… But anyhow that’s beside the point. I love you and I’m proud to be your little girl:) your the best point gaurd a girl can have!;)

    Again, I love you…

  2. sdowndude says:

    Great to find you again my old friend and read your Spirit driven words! My household lifts yours in prayer. Pray for us in the “country” my friend… See you “MANLY MAN”. j

  3. Jim says:


    Thanks for sharing the warmth and affection of your back to school moment. Glad your blog is back up. I really like your design.

  4. Pastor Bob says:

    And I get teary eyed reading your comment. They will forever be your babies. Isn’t our God great!

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