Tsunamis, Pain and Mercy

I’ve actually been in the San Diego area the past few days attending a gathering of Evangelical Free Church pastors, known as the K Club, and have followed this with a three day personal retreat. This morning I stood with thousands of others on the seawall alongside of the coast here in Carlsbad, California, looking intently out to sea, searching for whatever tell-tale sign might […]

Where Was God When the Earth Moved Haiti?

HELP PROVIDE LONGTERM CARE IN THE NATION OF HAITI CrossWorld is a mission agency that has enjoyed a vibrant and effective presence in Haiti for many years, cooperating in efforts relating to education, medicine, church planting, evangelism, etc. In the aftermath of this devastating earthquake, CrossWorld’s crisis management team is working to address concerns such as communication, providing disaster relief […]

The Pebble Picked Up Again

My current sermon series, entitled, Your Life Released, from John 9-12, includes a focus upon John 9 and the blind man to whom Jesus gives sight. This reminded me, of course, of a posting I did earlier this year on John 9, which I’d like to repost here: In the eyes of the disciples the man was a mere pebble in […]